Getting Started with Flask

Pivot! Switching from Django to Flask
Creating a Simple Flask Web Application
Version Control using Git and GitLab
Setting Up Unit Testing Infrastructure
Configuring a Flask Application
Using Blueprints to Organize a Flask Application
Database using PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy
Templates and Bootstrap

User Management with Flask

User Registration
User Logging In and Logging Out
Password Hashing
Sending Emails
Confirming User’s Email Address
Password Reset via Email Link
User Profile
Changing User’s Email Address
Changing User’s Password
Re-Sending Email Confirmation Link
Administrative Page for Viewing Users

Intermediate Topics about Flask:

Adding Custom Error Pages
Database Relationships
Recipe Details Page

Deploying a Flask Web ApplicationĀ using Docker:

Why I Switched from a Traditional Deployment to Using Docker
How to Configure NGINX for a Flask Web Application