Besides my professional experience as a software engineer developing real-time embedded software and simulation software, I have worked on a number of personal projects:

Stock Watch List (

Synopsis: Stock Watch List web application allows you to keep your current list of stock investments, plus any stocks that you are considering purchasing. This application allows you to track the key financial metrics of each stock, plus keep a journal of key highlights, earnings reports, new, and graphs of each stock.

To see a demonstration of the site, you can log in as ‘’ with password ‘demo’.
Stock Watch List Screenshot

Source Code (on GitLab):

Key Python Modules Used:
– Flask – web framework
– Jinga2 – templating engine
– SQLAlchemy – ORM (Object Relational Mapper)
– Flask-Bcrypt – password hashing
– Flask-Login – support for user management
– Flask-Migrate – database migrations
– Flask-WTF – simplifies forms
– itsdangerous – helps with user management, especially tokens
– yahoo-finance – wrapper to using the Yahoo! Finance API

This application is written using Python 3.4.3.

Picture and Video File Organizer:

Python application to organizer picture and video files from multiple sources into a set of directories organized by date.

Source Code (on GitLab)

What Does This Tool Do?

Given all of the different devices that take pictures and videos, it can be really difficult to properly organize all of these files. This software tool was developed to organize the pictures and videos from multiple sources into a set of directories organized by date.

Picture and Video File Organizer

Family Recipe Application (

Synopsis: This website stores all of my family’s favorite recipes.  I’m really proud to have built this site using Django and python (plus tons of other tools).  I can’t believe how many new technologies I was exposed to during the creation of this site.  The site is currently maintained and I add new recipes from time to time.  Here’s a screenshot of the homepage:

Screenshot of Kennedy Family Recipe Site

This web application is written in python (plus HTML/CSS) using the Django framework.